I had two cool firsts this week. 

1. Someone asked me for advice. 

It was weird.

For the past year or more - I've been asking people for advice.

I go through the same thing most times. I slave over an email - spending too much time on something somone will barely read. I schedule around the other person. I read up on them. I sit down in a quiet place 15 minutes before the call and get settled. Then at exactly 4pm (not 4:02) I call. 

I have conversations with friends and classmates about entrepreneurship all the time. And they give me advice. And I give them advice.

But this week someone I didn't know got an intro with me. We found a time. He called me. And asked about my story. And asked for advice on getting an internship. 

2. I got excited about a technical article on Hacker News.

Hacker News is a news site for tech enthusiasts. About half the articles are about tech, but not technical (Stuff like: How in-app purchases have destroyed the game industry). About half the stuff is really technical (Stuff like: Linux local root exploit for CVE-2014-0038 - What does that even mean?).

Anyway, I've been trying to learn to code. And trying to learn about code. 

And today, I finally understood a technical post: The complete guide to centering a div

Not only did I understand it - but I was excited about it.

2. part two  - Paul Grahm commented on a comment I left on a Hacker news article.