The Lingo

Last week a buddy of mine moved to SF from the East Coast. I met him for drinks with a few friends from my co-working space. He asked great questions and contributed to the conversation. ...but the table soon commented on the way  he phrased his questions. 

He asked something like: "What company do you work for?" 

In a heavily sarcastic voice, someone at the table corrected him. They pointed out that most people in tech would phrase the questions differently. 

While the tone was certainly joking, our table began chatting about the truth behind the joke. As silly as it is, we agreed that people working in tech startups do phrase things a little differently. Here are a few of the examples we thought of: 

Where do you work? =

"What are you working on right now?"

I’m starting my own company. =

"I’m working on a new project."

I’m starting a company in the EXAMPLE industry. =  

"I’m working on a new EXAMPLE concept."

In response, he warned us that there is a fine line between sounding local, and sounding like someone from "startup guys."