Black and Blue

Today I'm going to brag. I've used only two pens for the last 4 months. 

When I returned from studying abroad in January, I went to the Middlebury campus store and bought school supplies. I didn't by much because I hoped to do everything digitally (take notes with penultimate and Evernote and get digital books).  

I bought one notebook, one paper book (that I couldn't get for the kindle app or ibook) and two pens - one blue and one black. After about two months I realized that taking digital notes sucked. Evernote was fine, but writing in Penultimate (by Evernote) with a stylus was terrible - I might as well have tried taking notes with finger paint or water colors. 

Anyway, I ended up buying new notebooks in February, but I have still hung on to the same two pens. 

I think thats a big deal. Right? Maybe it's just me, but I usually go through pens and pencils every week. I loose them, or people borrow/steal them, or... they just disappear. My father is the same way. I feel like he buys a dozen pens from Costco every week. Our house is littered with the type of pen he uses.  

At this point I'm three weeks from the end of school and I'm really trying to hang onto these two pens. Whenever anyone asks to borrow them I debate in my head lying, and saying I don't have a pen. When I lend out a pen, I immediately regret it and worry about the pen like... a worried mother letting a stranger hold her baby. As I write this my friend sits across the desk filling out a visa form with my blue pen... its really quite terrifying. What if she walks off with it? What if it runs out of ink? I can't stop running hypotheticals in my head. 

I think this might be the last lend. The stakes are just too high! The end is in sight and I wouldn't want to loose one now.