Mailbox, Patagonia and Apple

Apple creates consumer electronics. Patagonia makes technical outdoor apparel. Orchestra (now part of Dropbox) created an iPhone app. I think these are the three coolest companies in the world.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.13.10 AM.png

The three seamlessly (no pun intended regarding Patagonia) blend elegance, simplicity and performance.

When I put on a Patagonia jacket I feel taken care of. I know the jacket was tested for months by hundreds of people. I see only seams that are necessary. I notice a few pockets and zero bells and whistles. I feel like I know the designers.

When I turn on my iPhone I feel catered to. I see that every detail has been thought out. Nothing has been left to chance. My phone is a work of art. Putting my phone in a crappy case would insult those who thought out the angles, materials and finish.

I feel just as passionate when I open the Mailbox app on my iPhone (by Orchestra). I began using Mailbox last week.

Mailbox has quickly become the best tool I’ve ever owned and my favorite piece of art.

Over the past 10 years the way we use computers has changed fundamentally. As has the way we use our email. Yet for some reason, the mailbox had remained stagnant. Until Mailbox.

Mailbox stripped extraneous features from traditional mailboxes. A few new features have been added. The snooze feature is genius. Archiving is easy. The UI is gorgeous. The reading list that works. This is the mailbox Steve Jobs would love.

Mailbox has built something truly awesome. It helps me do more on my phone, and get off my phone faster. Mailbox got it right. And apparently Dropbox agrees with me.