Culture and Attraction

At our last Midd Ventures meeting I screened the 2012 First Round Capital holiday video (here). Each year the company creates a holiday video; this year they outdid themselves with a parody of  Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style

I assumed that the purpose of these videos was to promote the portfolio companies (featured in the video) and advertise for First Round. And obviously to entertain the partners. The fact that I am talking about the video shows that First Round did a good job. But I had no idea just how powerful a silly video could be. 

After the video was finished, two of my technical friends turned to me and said, "I want to work for those guys." I am sure after the meeting (or most likely on their phones during the meeting), my friends explored the First Round website.

I know that companies work hard to attract talent, but I  always assumed that it was a bit gimmicky. I hadn't seen this magic work before my eyes until this week. It was amazing. 

The ironic thing is this: I didn't realize until this week, that it had worked on me.