Mailbox and Waiting

I want the mailbox app. Now. I want it more than I have wanted anything. 

I want it because I cant have it. More than that, I want it because each time I open mailbox on my phone I am forced to look at a slow-moving countdown. The countdown tells me, in a sleek and elegant way, how many people are waiting in front of me for the app. This is really quite genius. Creating anticipation and excitement around a product is invaluable. Apple does this with secrecy. Now Mailbox is doing so with exclusivity. And it's working with me and my friends. 

I've played with the mailbox on friend's phones. And I have read reviews. And I have watched videos about the product. It appears to be incredible.

Even if it's not, I want a new take on the mailbox. I want some new features. I want someone to destroy the current mailbox and start from scratch. My mailbox has worked and looked the same forever. My first cellphone now looks obsolete. My first music player looks obsolete. But my current mailbox... looks like my first mailbox. This is incredible to me, especially considering how much I use my mailbox. 

Only... 335,000 people in front of me. Mailbox 2.0 here I come!

 I know this screen too well. 

I know this screen too well.