Loose but Amped

Stevenson, my high school, was one of the first schools in CA to play lacrosse. As a result, the team has a ton of traditions to honor our past and past players. 

Before every game we honor Matt Slautterback, by reading a passage from his journal.  Matt played at Stevenson about 25 years ago. After playing at Stevenson, Matt went on to play goalie at Middlebury College where he died in a tragic car accident. 

I hadn't thought of Matt for years, until last night. I was doing laundry and pulled one of my brother's lacrosse shirts out of the drier. On the back it said "loose but amped." This is a reference to a line in Matt's journal. Matt wrote:

"Whatever happens – Wing it – go with it & save the ball.  Remember to be loose but amped and that there are certain things you can do to be better but that things will happen in games and in practice that are beyond your control.  Don’t think twice about them.  Go with it."

This is valuable lacrosse advice. This is also powerful life advice. I'll certainly think "loose but amped" next time I step on the rugby field and next time I pick up the phone for an interview.