Blog or Not

I started blogging as a writing exercise. 

I always loved writing and always had a ton of essay ideas. But I rarely wrote outside of school. The reason: I didn't want to create anything mediocre. I didn't want to write anything halfway, so I never started anything. This November, I realized how stupid my reason was and started blogging.

The first posts were painful to write. I choose between spending hours perfecting essays, or publishing crap. And the choice was painful. I promised myself I would write concise and simple posts, but they grew like weeds. But then something changed.  

I realized that each post didn't need to stand on it's own as a masterpiece. Each post didn't need to be intricate or complex. Posts could be simple and tackle a single concept or story. I begun to enjoy posting. 

Now, about three months later, here is where I stand:

  • I'm more comfortable writing posts and short essays.
  • I'm better at quickly simplifying complex stories and concepts. 
  • I am better at emailing. This makes sense: In school I write long, well groomed essays. As a result, I never got good at writing things quickly. This was a bummer when I had to write complex emails. I could write great emails, but it would take time. Now, I can crank out emails. 
  • A few people think I'm cocky. Some think that blasting my thoughts onto the internet is self absorbed. And maybe it is. I don't really care. 
  • A few people like my blog. And this has helped my job hunt.

Bottom line: If you like writing, I suggest blogging.