Complain or Construct

There are those of us who complain. And there are those of us who stick to constructive criticism. My buddy Nathan is somewhere in the middle. 

The other day, Nathan took a bite of an apple and spat it out on the table. He called it "the worst apple in the universe." I suggested he write letter to the director of dinning. He did. 


I need to understand why middlebury college consistently buys the absolute worst apples in the entire world. The Mcintosh apples, while of a nice color and seemingly nice texture, are almost invariably inedible. They are probably not very expensive but I think every cent spent on them is wasted, and we should upgrade to good apples like Jazz or Honeycrisp, Fiji, pink lady, even red delicious. Anything but Mcintosh.

I'm sorry I'm sitting in Proctor [one of our dinning halls] and literally just bit into the worst apple I have ever tasted after searching through the apples for an apple that could not possibly be bad. But alas, it was awful.

I understand you have to make compromises, but I would rather have a fruit of the loom underwear apple spokesman standing there poking me in the eye than these godforsaken excuses for fruit.



Apparently Nathan and the director of dinning have a healthy and regular back and fourth. Here is what Nathan received:


Back away from the edge....

These apples came out of storage recently and I will be sure to let our purchaser and the orchard know.  The kinds you have mentioned don't store well or do not make it into storage.  I can understand the disappointment for sure - I don't care for bad apples.  But, know that it isn't a budget thing, it could be a local thing.

I'll try to get back to you tomorrow after I do some investigation.


We all love the idea of eating local and organic. However when we have to eat locally stored apples (rather than those sent in from South America) we change our mind's.