Hello and Goodbye

I just landed in Monterey.

This evening I sat next to the window on an airplane going home for spring break. The isle seat next to me was vacant.

25 minutes ago the flight attendant rolled the food cart from the front of the plane to the back. A woman returning from the restroom couldn't pass the cart, so she sat in the unoccupied seat next to me to allow the cart to pass.

We ended up chatting.

We talked about her trip to San Diego with her 17 year old daughter. And about how she went to a motivational speaker's conference. The motivational speaker had helped her at her lowest low - when she was 20 and in trouble with the law (partying, DUIs, etc.). She has gone back to see him several times, but gets overwhelmed by the energy in the room and often has to step out for air. She still loves it.

We talked about the breakthroughs she had, her realizations, etc. She didn't ask me at all about myself. But I didn't mind.

After about 12 minutes we were nearing landing, so she returned to her seat. Before she stepped into the isle, she turned to me said "have a nice life" and gave me a high five.

I don't know why, but that comment freaks me out. The fact that we only have one life maybe. Idk. But I can't stop thinking about it.