Flattery and Strategy

The other night I read about a cool product called draft on techcrunch.com.

I checked it out, and wrote a post about how rad the service is. I tweeted my post to the founder on twitter. He tweeted back nearly immediately thanking me for writing about draft. I was stoked to have heard back. And I was glad that he appreciated my blog post.

It might sound stupid, but after hearing back from the guy, I felt like I had more of a connection to him, his product and his story. The product is the best word processor ever, and he is Nathan Kontny, a one-man team who previously founded two YC companies. He was also a software engineer for Obama’s reelection campaign.

Today as I sat in the library, I stumbled onto Nate’s twitter again. Since the techcrucnh article was posted, he has thanked a ton of people. It looks like he thanked every single person who has written or tweeted about his product!

It doesn’t mean that his thank you was any less genuine; I'm sure he is thankful. That said, I'm sure he also understands that people like to be appreciated. Good with computers and good with people. Impressive.