Facebook and Search

I just gained access to Facebook's graph search and used it to solve an actual problem.

I am in the process of applying to tech internships around San Francisco. I have looked into companies I’ve read about, and have been asking friends for ideas. I have been trying to remember my friends in San Francisco who could potentially give me introductions.

Then today, graph search was made available to me. So I decided to test it's effectiveness. I hoped it would help find friends in SF to give me introductions. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to best phrase my question. My first try led to an internet search - not what I wanted. After a few more tries I ended up writing: “My friends who work in San Francisco, California.” And it worked.  

All my friends who work in San Francisco popped onto my screen. Most of them didn't work in tech and wouldn't be helpful, but one was. A good friend of mine who graduated Midd last year is “an entrepreneurial assistant” at a growing tech company in SF.

The initial frustration with phrasing melted away. I'm certainly using this tool again.