Calm and Relaxation


Just saw this service on TechCrunch today. Essentially a site ( and iPhone app that calm you down. They do this through a guided meditation - but they dont call it that. Perhaps because mediation is stigmatized and conjures up images of flying chi and golden beams of energy and such.  

Anyway, I used it today and loved it. I was able to choose between the 2, 10 or 20 minute guided relaxation (I choose 2 minutes).  After just two minutes of guided relaxation, I emerged significantly more relaxed, focused.  

This appealed to me because I know l enjoy meditation. After taking two sessions, I wanted to continue with a meditation class at my school. The issue, ironically, was that I didn't have the time.  I emerged from the both classes (1.5 hours each), incredibly relaxed. However this relaxation was soon overtaken by a wave of anxiety as I realized that in the past 1.5 hours, I hadnt completed any of my work. Calm is appealing to me because I can get this guided meditation, whenever. And for just two minutes if thats all I have. 

I wonder how appealing it will be to others. And I wonder how it will do as a business. Something tells me that Calm's founder, Tew, isn't stressing about it.