HTML and stuff

I climbed a mountain that was 20,328 feet tall. I climbed the entire thing, moving just one step at a time. I pulled a sled and carried a pack. All my fuel, shelter, clothing and food for 22 days had to start at the bottom and work its’ way up. I didn’t just climb it, I climbed it more than once. I moved half my stuff up a section, returned, slept, and then schlepped the rest of my stuff the next day. And I did it tied to 8 guys who didn’t know too much about climbing – my clients. 

McKinley, Summer 2012

It was a daunting task. But at the bottom I didn’t feel as small as I do now… trying to learn to program.

I’m not trying to be a mad scientist; I just want to do enough to create mockups and shitty prototypes. I have a couple dozen ideas a day. The next morning two still seem viable. And a week later one is usually still left standing. Programing isn’t required to test all my ideas, but it is for some. This issue led me to my first computer science class.

In just a week I’ve learned a ton and found it incredibly rewarding. I love creating things. I’ve also realized just how far I have to go, and that I want to know just enough.

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