I wish I wanted to be a banker. It’s the season that all my friends are landing their internships at banks with fancy names. Many of these internships will lead to job offers after graduation. These offers will lead to latterly six digit salaries and steady pay increases. This still doesn’t appeal to me.

I will be sending my resumes not to Wall Street, but to startups in grown men’s, parent’s basements. The odds are, wherever I apply won’t be open when I graduate. If they are still in the black at that point, the odds of them having 6 digits in the bank are slim.  And the odds of me ending up me ending up with six digits: even slimmer. But… for some reason none of this deters me.

This could be partially because I’m naïve. I can’t fathom the terrible odds of making it in Silicon Valley. This could be partially because I identify more with the winners I’ve met than the losers that I know. I think the main reason is because I love building things.

And there is no place like Silicon Valley for creation.