Tim Ferriss

For those of you who don’t know Tim Ferriss, he is an Angel Investor and writer. His writing and name pops up everywhere, from techcrunch.com to Outside Magazine. His blog “Experiments in Lifestyle Design,” has everything from information on his investments, to instructions on catching pigeons with bare hands.

I want to get coffee with Tim because I can’t tell if I like him.

On one hand, he is an impressive supper human. His resume includes world champion tango dancer and NY Times best selling author. We share passions for travel, languages, health and entrepreneurship. He has helped a ton of Americans make money, loose weight and learn skills with his books. He has a good eye for companies and is invested in two of my favorite startups: Evernote and Lift. He seems pleasant. I want to like him.

On the other hand, he is a ruthless self-promoter. And it drives me nuts. His most recent book The Four Hour Chef became a best seller, partially because he encouraged his fans to promote it. Fans took to Amazon and reviewed the book before even reading it. Maybe it bothers me that he is a self-proclaimed “expert” at nearly everything he does. Maybe it bothers me that he mentions his Alma matter (Harvard) in every interview and article he writes. Maybe I could self-promote as well as him? Maybe I’m jealous of the guy, I don’t know.

Despite this dissonance, I still read his blog and watch is podcasts (The Random Show with Kevin Rose) from time to time.

I would like to meet him to settle this once and for all. 

What do ya say Tim?