You are your work

Today a founder from Linckia Development ( spoke to my class.  Linckia is a “venture deployment company.” They take your ideas and make them into products. Most products looked like they were from infomercials. That’s a polite way of saying that they seemed poorly made and unnecessary. One in particular caught my attention: the magnarack.

Have you ever wanted to lean things against your car (skis, shovels, mops, gigantic levels, etc) but worried that they might tip over? Then this product is for you. It is a piece of foam that looks like the letter E, but with a magnet on the long flat side. So you can stick this thing to your car and lean equipment against it. The problem may actually exist, but the execution was terrible.

The foam was cheap. I thought the thing would break before the class finished passing it around. I was embarrassed for our presenter. He was taking ownership of this piece of crap. It had passed through his office. His name was associated with it.

He didn’t seem to care. Either he didn’t realize that the product was crap (nearly impossible) or he didn’t think the product reflected on him. To me, this is equally unbelievable.